How to Make a Semi-Transparent Image Using GIMP. When you save the final product, are you using Save As Cairo PNG? Hi. ... "Saving Images as PNGs in GIMP." Share. ... How to Save As JPG in GIMP; That's not the proper method to preserve transparency. How to make the picture background transparent and save as png file using free software Gimp - Duration: 1:47. kemas tham 14,692 views Pdf to png gimp Pdf to png gimp ... the PDF created by my scanner in Gimp, save it as a PNG and print it, ... convert a JPG to transparent and using GIMP I added alpha. I used Gimp to c ... Stack Exchange ... Add transparency to an existing PNG. by ... Last, save the image in a format that supports transparency, like PNG ... save it as XCF (Gimp native format). Here is how to do it anyway. I used to save images as usual image file formats (jpg, png) by pressing Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Shift+S (Save or Save As dialog). ... as the color to make transparent. 2. In GIMP, you might be surprised not to find a bucket fill tool for filling areas with transparency. How to Make Inkscape's Background Transparent ... seen is that some people will head up to File > Save As, and then save as a PNG file. Gimp won't allow me to copy and paste a transparent image. 'new_name'.png Gimptalk - Premier Gimp Community: Creating 32bit png image with alpha-channel transparency ... then Save-As the new image with a new name. From the 'File' Menu select 'Save'. ... anything of your chosen colour will now be transparent. Adding white to a transparent background in GIMP. Unable to save images with GIMP I have followed tute and made xcf image with rounded corners. ... open an existing PNG file, then "Save as..." ... Watch out too for a transparency checkbox. Not sure if that's a GIMP bug? I have several hundred images that I need to crop and save as PNG without saving the background color (maintain transparency). GIMP Python-fu exporting file only exports transparent layer. Click "OK". ... so people could save it for use offline. I have several hundred images that I need to crop and save as PNG without saving the background color (maintain transparency). How do you give a PNG image a "24-bit depth"? Either save the image as a PNG I can't seem to figure out the settings in the [b]Save as PNG[/b] dialog box. Learn the simple steps needed to save a PNG file through GIMP, ... PNG files offer high capacity for transparency. ... and the transparent PNG would be created. ... How to make a transparent PNG with The GIMP. How to Create a Transparent Background for a PNG ... And after you've tweaked your PNG's transparency in ... and then click the "Save as" option. Using the GIMP, Henco shows you how to give an image a transparent background. I looked i 6. How to make a transparent PNG with The GIMP. In the Save as Pop up click on 'OK', and the transparent PNG ... ERROR" pdb.file_png_save ... OF ONLY EXPORTING TRANSPARENCY! Circle Images. ... but seems to be discarded in "indexed" mode when exporting as "png". See the link below which explains why a PNG opens as a layer with transparency and ... Gimp adds an alpha channel from transparency ... formats when you save 'MyGif.png'. I use the GIMP photo editor which automatically saves the converted files in .xcf format, but they cannot be reopened with any other app.